Martínez Martínez, Carlos Hugo

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Carlos Hugo
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Martínez Martínez
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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    A Validation Employing Convolutional Neural Network for the Radiographic Detection of Absence or Presence of Teeth
    (2021-03-12) Prados Privado, María; García Villalón, Javier; Blázquez Torres, Antonio; Martínez Martínez, Carlos Hugo; Ivorra, Carlos
    Dental radiography plays an important role in clinical diagnosis, treatment and making decisions. In recent years, efforts have been made on developing techniques to detect objects in images. The aim of this study was to detect the absence or presence of teeth using an effective convolutional neural network, which reduces calculation times and has success rates greater than 95%. A total of 8000 dental panoramic images were collected. Each image and each tooth was categorized, independently and manually, by two experts with more than three years of experience in general dentistry. The neural network used consists of two main layers: object detection and classification, which is the support of the previous one. A Matterport Mask RCNN was employed in the object detection. A ResNet (Atrous Convolution) was employed in the classification layer. The neural model achieved a total loss of 0.76% (accuracy of 99.24%). The architecture used in the present study returned an almost perfect accuracy in detecting teeth on images from different devices and different pathologies and ages.