Marín Sanz, Raquel

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Marín Sanz
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales
Análisis Económico y economía cuantitativa
Fundamentos del Análisis Económico
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  • Publication
    FDI entry models, development and technological spillovers
    (Instituto Complutense de Estudios Internacionales, 2011) Álvarez González, Isabel; Marín Sanz, Raquel; Santos Arteaga, Francisco Javier
    Most of the literature related to foreign direct investment in developing countries focuses on the incentives of local producers to incur in the technological development costs required to act as suppliers of multinational companies (MNC). Scarce attention has been paid to the strategic interactions derived from the potential (reciprocal) technological spillovers between local firms and MNC subsidiaries, with the recent exception of the theoretical model by Sanna-Randaccio and Veugelers (2007). Such a void in the literature is justified on the technological differences between MNC and local firms, assuming that both of them produce for totally independent markets under no direct competition conditions. If this were the case, MNC entry modes in underdeveloped countries should be independent of their level of development. We reject such a simplification illustrating empirically how entry modes depend on the development level of a given host country. Besides, this finding is justified with a theoretical proposal that generalizes the Sanna-Randaccio and Veugelers (2007) model. Our extension accounts for all the possible equilibrium scenarios jointly defined by the strategies of both the MNC and the local firms, which allows us to consider the equilibria ignored in a partial analysis and to provide a general equilibrium explanation for the evidence presented.
  • Publication
    R&D internationalization and the strategic relevance of the institutional framework in host locations
    (Inderscience, 2016-11-28) Álvarez González, Isabel; Marín Sanz, Raquel; Santos Arteaga, Francisco Javier
    The configuration of host national systems of innovation and the technological international networks established by multinational enterprises (MNE) can become key aspects for the internationalisation decision that may also concern knowledge related activities such as R&D. Through the combination of a theoretical model and empirical analysis, this paper shows to what extent institutional quality becomes a determinant factor for the attraction of foreign R&D activities, these latter being conditioned by the technological and productive capabilities of local contexts and the competitive pressures MNE face in foreign countries. Our contribution is a step further in the explanatory framework of R&D internationalisation and also provides new insights about what are the key reinforcement mechanisms for the attraction of new knowledge intensive investments.
  • Publication
    Foreign Direct Investment Entry Modes, Development and Technological Spillovers
    (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2015-09) Álvarez González, Isabel; Marín Sanz, Raquel; Santos Arteaga, Francisco Javier
    This paper illustrates how wholly owned entry modes of multinational companies (MNCs) are jointly determined by both the strategic objectives of the MNC and the local firms’ assets in the creation of value. In particular, the entry mode chosen is based on the potential reciprocal technological spillovers between local firms and MNC subsidiaries. M&As are preferred when host countries exhibit a certain level of development in their local systems of innovation, especially for technologically leading MNCs. Otherwise, for technological laggard MNCs, greenfield investments prevail and M&As may be carried out for meeting demand motives in developing local systems of innovation.