Quiroga Mellado, Juan Antonio

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Juan Antonio
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Quiroga Mellado
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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Ciencias Físicas
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    Numerical model of the inhomogeneous scattering by the human lens
    (OSA Publishing, 2019-05-01) Cuadrado Conde, Alexander; Sánchez Brea, Luis Miguel; Torcal Milla, Francisco José; Quiroga Mellado, Juan Antonio; Gómez Pedrero, José Antonio
    We present in this work a numerical model for characterizing the scattering properties of the human lens. After analyzing the scattering properties of two main scattering particles actually described in the literature through FEM (finite element method) simulations, we have modified a Monte Carlo’s bulk scattering algorithm for computing ray scattering in non-sequential ray tracing. We have implemented this ray scattering algorithm in a layered model of the human lens in order to calculate the scattering properties of the whole lens. We have tested our algorithm by simulating the classic experiment carried out by Van der Berg et al for measuring “in vitro” the angular distribution of forward scattered light by the human lens. The results show the ability of our model to simulate accurately the scattering properties of the human lens.