Photopolymerizable glasses incorporating high refractive index species and ionic liquid: A comparative study

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Three different holographic photomaterials belonging to the class of photopolymerizable glasses have been synthesized using sol-gel techniques, and characterized with the purpose of a comparative study. Their behavior is analyzed in terms of achieved refractive index modulation, dark diffusion mechanism, diffraction efficiency and optical quality; in order to determine their suitability for different holographic applications.
© 2011 American Institute of Physics. Financial support from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN) under grant TEC2008-04105 is acknowledged. A.V.V. acknowledges a fellowship from MICINN and M.P.H.G. acknowledges a fellowship from the Spanish Ministry of External Affairs and CONACyT (Mexico). We thank O. Martı´nez-Matos for helpful suggestions and discussions.
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