Effect of Different Technological Factors on the Gelation of a Low-Lectin Bean Protein Isolate

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Gelling ability of a bean protein isolate (BPI) obtained from a naturally low-lectin variety (Phaseolus vulgaris var. Almonga) was analysed. For that purpose differences on gels processing: concentration (14% and 17%), salt addition (0 and 2%), and pH (6.5 –lot A- and 7 –lot B), were studied to obtain suitable colour, mechanical and viscoelastic properties for making appropriate meat and seafood analogues. Gelation at pH 7 at both 14 and 17% BPI concentrations, produced less rigid, more flexible, time-stable and cohesive gel networks. Colour of the resulting gels was white enough to be considered as an adequate base for making plant-based analogues. The content of total galactoside, inositol phosphates and trypsin inhibitors (bioactive compounds) present in one serving (100 g) of these BPI gels were up to 0.80 mg/g, 8.06 mg/g and 239 TIUs, respectively.
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