Supramolecular Enzymatic Labeling for Aptamer Switch-Based Electrochemical Biosensor

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Here we report a novel labeling strategy for electrochemical aptasensors based on enzymatic marking via supramolecular host–guest interactions. This approach relies on the use of an adamantane-modified target-responsive hairpin DNA aptamer as an affinity bioreceptor, and a neoglycoconjugate of β-cyclodextin (CD) covalently attached to a redox enzyme as a labeling element. As a proof of concept, an amperometric aptasensor for a carcinoembryonic antigen was assembled on screen-printed carbon electrodes modified with electrodeposited fern-like gold nanoparticles/graphene oxide and, by using a horseradish peroxidase-CD neoglycoenzyme as a biocatalytic redox label. This aptasensor was able to detect the biomarker in the concentration range from 10 pg/mL to 1 ng/mL with a high selectivity and a low detection limit of 3.1 pg/mL in human serum samples.