Glacial geomorphology of the High Gredos Massif: Gredos and Pinar valleys (Iberian Central System, Spain)

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We present a detailed geomorphological map of the landform assemblages originated by the two major paleoglaciers of the Sierra de Gredos mountain range in the Spanish Iberian Central System. Based on previous works, our map focused on the features formed by Gredos and Pinar paleoglaciers during the last glaciation and subsequent glacial events. Based on a remote sensing analysis and exhaustive field surveys, we identified with great accuracy the local distribution of glacial, periglacial, mass movement, structural, fluvial, and lacustrine features. We recognized three main glacial geomorphological formations representing: (i) the maximum glacial extension reached (peripheral deposits); (ii) the culmination of glacial conditions (principal moraines) and (iii) the local glacial withdrawal (internal deposits). Our map offers a renewed spatial framework on which to conduct higher-resolution glacial chronologies, especially of Late Glacial and Holocene glacial activity, providing key information for performing future paleoclimatic reconstructions of the northern hemisphere mid-latitudes.
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