Botezán, Iuliana

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Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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Ciencias de la Documentación
Biblioteconomía y Documentación
Biblioteconomía y Documentación
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Desarrollo de un Quizup para áreas de conocimiento de las asignaturas de Información y Documentación

2018-06-30, Sanchez-Cuadrado, Sonia, Férnández Bajón, María Teresa, Razquin Zarpe, Pedro, Montesi, Michela, Cuevas Cerveró, Aurora, Blázquez Ochando, Manuel, Sánchez Jimenez, Rodrigo, Botezán, Iuliana, García Moreno, María Antonia, Miguel García, Josefa, Blanco Sanz, Francisco Javier, Calzada Obispo, Irene, Morato Lara, Jorge Luis, Barra Zavaleta, Eduardo, Parra Valero, Pablo, Sampedro Nicolás, Luis

Este proyecto desarrolla un juego de preguntas y respuestas para que los alumnos puedan aprender y memorizar de un modo lúdico los contenidos de diferentes asignaturas del Grado de Información y Documentación mediante una APP móvil.

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Gender imbalance in doctoral education: an analysis of the Spanish university system (1977–2021)

2023-02-11, Sánchez Jiménez, Rodrigo, Botezán, Iuliana, Barrasa-Rodríguez, Jesús, Suárez‑Figueroa. Mari Carmen, Blázquez Ochando, Manuel

Doctoral education is a key feature of university systems, as well as a basic foundation of scientific practice. That period culminates in a dissertation and examination of the candidate that has been studied from several points of view. This paper reports the results of an analysis on the evolution and characteristics of gender imbalance of a complete doctoral system for a wide period of time. Data from the database Teseo was used in order to identify the individuals involved in the process, the scientific fields in which the dissertations where classified, and the institutions in which the examination took place. Results: the Spanish system shows a clear evolution towards gender balance, but also some concerning trends that are worth tracking. Seemingly, STEM disciplines look to be evolving more slowly than other branches of science in several aspects. A leaky pipeline is characterized in this system around the roles of supervisors, candidates, members and chairs of the dissertation committees. Gender assortativity is also studied and described, and its possible effects discussed around the academic relations that surround doctoral examination.