Hernáiz Gómez-Degano, María Josefa

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María Josefa
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Hernáiz Gómez-Degano
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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Química en Ciencias Farmacéuticas
Química Orgánica
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Two-step enzymatic strategy for the synthesis of a smart phenolic polymer and further immobilization of a β-galactosidase able to catalyze transglycosydation reaction

2018-10, Levin, G., Gómez, S., Glodowsky, A., Cascone, O., Hernáiz Gómez-Degano, María Josefa, Hernáiz, MJ

A rapid and efficient enzymatic procedure for the preparation of an immobilized beta-galactosidase has been described. In a first step, soybean peroxidase was used to catalyze the polymerization of a strategically activated phenol (N-Succinimidyl 3-(4-hydroxyphenyl)propionate, known as Bolton-Hunter reagent). The phenolic support was directly employed for immobilizing S-galactosidase from Bacillus circulans (ATCC 31382, beta-Gal-3), giving rise to a new biocatalyst subsequently applied in the synthesis of a beta-galatodisaccharide (Gal-beta(1-3)-GlcNAc and Gal-beta(1-3)-GalNAc). The reaction proceeded with high conversion rates and total regioselectivity. Reusability assays were performed with the same reaction conditions finding that the immobilized enzyme retains about 55% of its activity after eight batches. Finally and based on our results, the two-step enzymatic procedure presented here is a good and green alternative to the preparation of carbohydrates with biological activities.