Márquez Cruz, Manuel

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Márquez Cruz
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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Lingüística, Estudios Árabes, Hebreos, Vascos y de Asia Oriental
Lingüística General
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  • Publication
    A new corpus annotation framework for Latin diachronic lexical semantics
    (De Gruyter, 2022) Barbara McGillivray; Daria Kondakova; Annie Burman; Francesca Dell’Oro; Helena Bermúdez Sabel; Paola Marongiu; Márquez Cruz, Manuel
    We present a new corpus-based resource and methodology for the annotation of Latin lexical semantics, consisting of 2,399 annotated passages of 40 lemmas from the Latin diachronic corpus LatinISE. We also describe how the annotation was designed, analyse annotators’ styles, and present the preliminary results of a study on the lexical semantics and diachronic change of the 40 lemmas. We complement this analysis with a case study on semantic vagueness. As the availability of digital corpora of ancient languages increases, and as computational research develops new methods for large-scale analysis of diachronic lexical semantics, building lexical semantic annotation resources can shed new light on large-scale patterns in the semantic development of lexical items over time. We share recommendations for designing the annotation task that will hopefully help similar research on other less-resourced or historical languages.