Carrasco Blanco, José Antonio

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José Antonio
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Carrasco Blanco
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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    Exact results on quantum many-body systems in one dimension
    (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2019-08-28) Carrasco Blanco, José Antonio; Finkel Morgenstern, Federico; González López, Artemio; Tempesta, Piergiulio
    In the course of the completion of this thesis we have addressed several problems concerning quantum many-body systems and one-dimensional lattice models. Before getting into details, let me briefly outline some of them together with our main contributions, and sketch out some central concepts we shall develop later. To begin with, we have studied the entanglement properties of the ground state of several one-dimensional systems (see Refs. [P1]–[P4]), and investigated several exact spectral properties of lattice models in one dimension, obtaining an analytic expression for the partition function of certain models with long-range interactions (see [P4] and [P5] for a detailed description of the models involved). We have completely characterized the spectrum of the so-called long range t-J model for the first time and, in particular, rigorously proved a conjecture proposed by Saiga and Kuramoto in the nineties for the spin 1/2 case...