Díaz Michelena, Marina

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Díaz Michelena
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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Matemática Aplicada
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  • Publication
    MOURA magnetometer for Mars MetNet Precursor Mission. Its potential for an in situ magnetic environment and surface characterization
    (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Servicio de publicaciones, 2016) Herraiz Sarachaga, Miguel; Vázquez Martínez, Luis; Díaz Michelena, Marina; Sanz, Ruy; Fernández, Ana Belén; Manuel, Víctor de; Cerdán Cojedor, Miguel Felipe; Apestigue, Víctor; Arruego, Ignacio; Azcue, Joaquín
    MOURA magnetometer and gradiometer is part of the scientific instrumentation for Mars MetNet Precursor mission. This work describes the objective of the investigation, summarizes the work done in the design and development of the sensor as well as its calibration, and shows the demonstration campaigns to show the potential of such instrument for planetary landers and rovers.
  • Publication
    Small Fluxgate Magnetometers: Development and Future Trends in Spain
    (Molecular Diversity Preservation International-MDPI, 2010-03) Ciudad, David; Díaz Michelena, Marina; Pérez García, Lucas; Aroca, Claudio
    In this paper, we give an overview of the research on fluxgate magnetometers carried out in Spain. In particular we focus in the development of the planar-type instruments. We summarize the fabrication processes and signal processing developments as well as their use in complex systems and space.