Fernández Fernández, José Manuel

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José Manuel
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Fernández Fernández
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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Trabajo Social
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  • Publication
    Social Work: Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education Policies Review and Reflection
    (SpringerLink, 2020) Miguel Vicente, Carmen; Cury, Silvia Patricia; Arias Astray, Andrés; Fernández Fernández, José Manuel; Saralosa Sánchez-Serrano, José Luis; Maturo, Fabrizio; Hošková-Mayerová, Šárka
    Since the 1990s, universities have faced new challenges relating to equal opportunities. In this context of it being essential to foster inclusivity for members of the university community, we present a proposal on the role of social work in universities. We describe how it can contribute to promoting acceptance of differences and the implementation of inclusive measures. In order to do so, we conduct a review of how the profession has evolved in universities and analyse the main services in which social work plays a part and its interventions in favour of inclusive policies. With regard to studies of social work intervention in higher education, the main conclusion to highlight is their great scarcity.