Gallego Lupiáñez, Francisco

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Gallego Lupiáñez
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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Ciencias Matemáticas
Álgebra, Geometría y Topología
Geometría y Topología
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  • Publication
    Total paracompactness and Banach spaces.
    (American Mathematical Society, 1988) Gallego Lupiáñez, Francisco
    In this paper, we study some problems related to the Corson theorem. In particular we prove that co does not fulfil such a theorem; hence this theorem is not valid for all infinite-dimensional Banach spaces. We give also generalizations of Corson's theorem for some infinite-dimensional normed spaces.
  • Publication
    On Michálek's fuzzy topological spaces
    (Nakladatelství Academia, 2001) Gallego Lupiáñez, Francisco
    The aim of this paper is to study some properties of Michalek's fuzzy topology which are quite different of the classic properties of the Chang's topology.
  • Publication
    On neutrosophic sets and topology
    (Elsevier, 2017) Gallego Lupiáñez, Francisco
    Recently, F.Smarandache generalized the Atanassov’s intuitionistic fuzzy sets and other kinds of sets to neutrosophic sets. Also, This author defined the notion of neutrosophic topology on the non-standard interval. One can expect some relation between the intuitionistic fuzzy topology on an IFS and the neutrosophic topology. We show in this work that this is false.
  • Publication
    Use of popular science materials for teaching projective geometry
    (2017) Gallego Lupiáñez, Francisco
    We describe an experience of use of popular science articles, books and posters, for university teaching of Projective Geometry for undergraduate students.
  • Publication
    Hausdorffness in intuitionistic fuzzy topological spaces
    (2003) Gallego Lupiáñez, Francisco
    The basic concepts of the theory of intuitionistic fuzzy topological spaces have been defined by D. Çoker and co-workers. In this paper, we define new notions of Hausdorffness in the intuitionistic fuzzy sense, and obtain some new properties, in particular on convergence.
  • Publication
    Regularity and paracompactness: relation in the field of fuzziness
    (Springer, 2023-08-17) Gallego Lupiáñez, Francisco; Kahraman, Cengiz; Sari, Irem Ucal; Oztaysi, Basar; Cebi, Selcuk; Onar, Sezi Cevik; Tolga, A. Çagri
    In this paper we obtain two characterizations of regular fuzzy topological spaces using Luo's and Abd El-Monsef and others’ paracompact fuzzy topological spaces. Thus, it shows that regularity of fuzzy topological spaces can be considered as a paracompact-type property with several kinds of paracompact fuzzy topological spaces. Indeed, we prove that for a fuzzy Hausdorff fuzzy topological space (in any of Wuyts and Lowen’s definitions that are good extensions of Hausdorffness) there is a characterization using Luo’s paracompact fuzzy topological spaces, and also another result with a characterization using definition due to Abd El-Monsef, Zeyada, El-Deeb, and Hanafy. This supposes a stimulus for further investigations, tending to obtain characterizations of other fuzzy separation properties (for example fuzzy normality, fuzzy complete regularity,..) as fuzzy covering properties.
  • Publication
    Covering properties in intuitionistic fuzzy topological spaces.
    (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2007) Gallego Lupiáñez, Francisco
    Purpose – D.Çoker constructed the fundamental theory of intuitionistic fuzzy topological spaces. The purpose of this paper is to introduce a new concept of compactness and a definition of paracompactness for intuitionistic fuzzy topological spaces, and obtain several preservation properties.
  • Publication
    Continued fractions and order-preserving homeomorphism.
    (Elsevier Science Bv, 2001) Gallego Lupiáñez, Francisco
    We study in this paper a modification of continued fractions defined by the author, such that its lexicographic order coincides with the linear order of real numbers. This fact has beautiful consequences in Topology. Indeed, it gives the possibility to construct a nice open basis for the Sorgenfrey line.
  • Publication
    Concerning ultraparacompact spaces.
    (Symposium of General Topology, 1993) Gallego Lupiáñez, Francisco
    In this interesting paper a new class of ultraparacompact spaces, the class of so-called (P*) spaces, is introduced and investigated. A zero-dimensional Hausdorff space is called a (P*) space if for every open cover and for every clopen base such that every finite union of elements of the base can be partitioned into elements of the base, there exists a discrete refinement consisting of members of the base. For example, a zero-dimensional dense subspace of Rn is a (P*) space. The authors provide a characterization of the (P*) property and show that every ultraparacompact C-scattered space satisfies property (P*). At the end of the paper some open questions are raised.
  • Publication
    A survey on sigma-products
    (Academia Canaria de las Ciencias, 1995) Gallego Lupiáñez, Francisco