Upper Valanginian to Lower Hauterivian coral faunas from the Sierra Larga (Prebetic zone, SE Spain)

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From the Upper Valanginian and Lower Hauterivian of the Sierra Larga (Prebetic zone, SE Spain) two small faunas of colonial corals are taxonomically described. The Valanginian fauna encompasses 23 species and the Hauterivian fauna 11 species. The family diversity with 11 families or informal groups is high. Most species-rich are the families Latomeandridae, Microsoleniidae, and Stylinidae. Whereas the Hauterivian fauna contains only few common genera, the Valanginian fauna represents more and more rare genera. The faunas differ in age and facies and represent a low coincidence in their taxonomic composition. The species of both faunas are known from other areas with a range of Oxfordian to Turonian in age, but most species occurred from the Hauterivian to the Lower Aptian. Palaeobiogeographically, both faunas show a relationship with Lower Cretaceous faunas of the Western Hemisphere and nearby located faunas of the Tethys and Boreal. Two genera – Actinastraeopsis and Polyphylloseris – experience a range extension in their first occurrence.