Invariant Complex Structures on Tangent and Cotangent Lie Groups of Dimension Six

dc.contributor.authorCampoamor Stursberg, Otto Ruttwig
dc.contributor.authorOvando, Gabriela P.
dc.description.abstractThis paper deals with left invariant complex structures on simply connected Lie groups, the Lie algebra of which is of the type Th D hË V, where is either the adjoint or the coadjoint representation. The main topic is the existence question of complex structures on Th for h a three dimensional real Lie algebra. First it was proposed the study of complex structures J satisfying the constraint Jh D V. Whenever is the adjoint representation this kind of complex structures are associated to non-singular derivations of h. This fact allows different kinds of applications.
dc.description.departmentDepto. de Álgebra, Geometría y Topología
dc.description.facultyFac. de Ciencias Matemáticas
dc.description.facultyInstituto de Matemática Interdisciplinar (IMI)
dc.description.sponsorshipCONICET, ANPCyT, SECyT-UNC, SCyT-UNR
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dc.journal.titleOsaka Journal of Mathematics
dc.publisherOsaka University
dc.rights.accessRightsrestricted access
dc.subject.keywordComplex structures
dc.subject.keywordLie algebras
dc.subject.keywordsymplectic structures
dc.subject.ucmTeoría de los quanta
dc.subject.unesco2210.23 Teoría Cuántica
dc.titleInvariant Complex Structures on Tangent and Cotangent Lie Groups of Dimension Six
dc.typejournal article
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