A higher-order logic programming language with constraints

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We present a framework for the combination of Constraint Logic Programming (tiCLP) and higher-order Hereditary Harrop Formulas (tihoHH). Our aim is to improve the expressiveness of traditional Logic Programming with the benefits of both fields: tiCLP and tihoHH. The result is denoted higher-order Hereditary Harrop Formulas with Constraints (hoHH(C)). The syntax of hoHH is introduced using lambda-terms and is enriched with a basic constraint system. Then an intuitionistic sequent calculus is defined for this combined logic, that preserves the property of an abstract logic programming language. In addition, a sound and complete procedure for goal solving is presented as a transformation system that explains the operational semantics.
The authors have been partially supported by the Spanish National Project TIC 98-0445-C03-02 TREND.
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