Gluon confinement and the two Ir solutions

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J C B Mohr (Paul Siebeck)
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We examine the two solutions (massive and scaling) for the covariant Yang–Mills Dyson–Schwinger equations within stochastic quantization, and find that the scaling solution does not survive outside Landau gauge. We also see that the (rainbow) massive solution has less Faddeev–Popov effective action. Finally, we argue that gluon confinement has only been marginally established in experiment and suggest further empirical work.
Thanks to Dan Zwanziger from the New York University for his ideas and feedback on several topics. Support by Spanish grants FPA2011-27853-01, FIS2008-01323, and the Austrian FWF M1333-N16. Conference on Light Cone (2012. Kraków, Polonia). Conference on Light Cone : Modern Approaches to Nonperturbative Gauge Theories and Their Applications.
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