Requirements for an Intelligent Ambient Assisted Living Application for Parkinson Patients

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Juan M. Corchado, Javier Bajo, Jaroslaw Kozlak, Pawel Pawlewski, Jose M. Molina, Vicente Julian, Ricardo Azambuja Silveira, Rainer Unland, Sylvain Giroux
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Ambient Assisted Living is attracting the attention of researchers not only for dealing with aging, but also to improve the quality of living of people with other circumstances, like those of Parkinson patients. An Ambient Assisted Living system for a Parkinson patient has to consider the particularities of this disease. It mainly involves the alteration of the motor capabilities. There are few studies dealing with the problems of Parkinson Disease and how AAL can alleviate them. Some of these problems are centered in the patient and the disease itself, but others are derived by the patient’s social context, i.e., the place the patient occupies in the society and how the patient relates to other people. The contribution of this paper consists in an enumeration of issues to consider when creating an AAL application for them and it is part of a research project called SociAAL.