Regge description of high energy pion-pion total cross sections

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We have recently presented a Regge description of ππ total cross sections valid above 1.4 GeV, consistent with the few existing experiments, factorization and crossing symmetry. In this note we show how it also describes a further large data sample obtained from an analysis of experiments on π^(±)p → X∆^(++) and π^(±)n → Xp.
©World scientific publ co pte LTD. I thank the MESON2004 organizers for the stimulating workshop, since this note originated in the discussion following my talk. In particular, I thank A. Szczurek and N.N. Nikolaev for their comments on the data [8]. I also thank F.J. Ynduráin for comments and suggestions and as coauthor of the theoretical Regge description reviewed here. I am very grateful for the hospitality of the Institut für Kernphysik (Theorie), Forschungzentrum Jülich, where this note was prepared. Financial support from Spanish CICYT projects BFM2000-1326, BFM2002-01003, and from the E.U. EURIDICE network HPRN-CT-2002-00311 is also acknowledged.
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