Quinine doped hybrid sol-gel coatings for wave guiding and optical applications

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Pure and quinine doped silica coatings have been prepared over sodalime glasses. The coatings were consolidated at low temperature (range 60-180 A degrees C) preserving optical activity of quinine molecule. We designed a device to test the guiding properties of the coatings. We confirmed with this device that light injected in pure silica coatings is guided over distances of meters while quinine presence induces isotropic photoluminescence. With the combined use of both type of coatings, it is possible to design light guiding devices and illuminate regions in glass elements without electronic circuits.
©Springer. This work was supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation through the Projects MAT2010- C21088-C03, FIS-2008-06249 and the Madrid Government project NANOBIOMAGNET S2009/MAT-1726.
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