Phase diagram and influence of defects in the double perovskites

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Alonso, J. L.
Guinea, F.
Lesmes, F.
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American Physical Society
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The phase diagram of the double perovskites of the type Sr_(2-x)La_(x)FeMoO_(6) is analyzed, with and without disorder due to antisites. In addition to an homogeneous half metallic ferrimagnetic phase in the absence of doping and disorder, we find antiferromagnetic phases at large dopings, and other ferrimagnetic phases with lower saturation magnetization, in the presence of disorder.
© 2003 American Physical Society. We are thankful to J. Blasco, J.M.D. Coey, J.M. de Teresa, J. Fontcuberta, M. García-Hernández, M.R. Ibarra, J. L. Martínez, L. Morellón, D. D. Sarma, and D. Serrate, M. Venkatesan, and especially to V. Laliena, for helpful discussions. V.M.M. was supported by E.C. Contract No. HPMF-CT- 2000-00450 and by a Ramón y Cajal contract (Spain). Financial support from Grants No. PB96-0875, FPA2000-0956, FPA2000-1252, FPA2001-1813 (MCyT, Spain), and 07N/ 0045/98 (C. Madrid) are acknowledged.
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