Resonant production of Wh and Zh at the LHC

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We examine the production of W h and Zh pairs at the LHC in the context of a Strongly Interacting Symmetry Breaking Sector of the Standard Model. Our description is based on a non-linear Higgs Effective Theory, including only the Standard Model particles. We focus on its scalar sector (Higgs boson h and electroweak Goldstones associated to W^(±)_(L) and ZL), which is expected to give the strongest beyond Standard Model rescattering effects. The range of the effective theory is extended with dispersion-relation based unitarization, and compared to the alternative extension with explicit axial-vector resonances. We estimate the W h and Zh production cross-section, where an intermediate axial-vector resonance is generated for certain values of the chiral couplings. We exemplify our analysis with a benchmark axial-vector with M_(A) = 3 TeV. Interestingly enough, these different approaches provide essentially the same prediction. Finally we discuss the sensitivity of ATLAS and CMS to such resonances.
Open Access, © The Authors. The authors thank Rafael L. Delgado for assistance and valuable comments at early stages of this investigation. We also want to thank C. García, M.J. Herrero and D. Espriu for useful comments and suggestions, and the members of UPARCOS for maintaining a stimulating intellectual atmosphere. Work supported by Spanish grants MINECO:FPA2014- 53375-C2-1-P, FPA2016-75654-C2-1-P and the COST Action CA16108.
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