Fluorescence decay in aperiodic Frenkel lattices

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We study motion and capture of excitons in self-similar linear systems in which interstitial traps are arranged according to an aperiodic sequence, focusing our attention on Fibonacci and Thue-Morse systems as canonical examples. The decay of the fluorescence intensity following a broadband pulse excitation is evaluated by solving the microscopic equations of motion of the Frenkel exciton problem. We find that the average decay is exponential and depends only on the concentration of traps and the trapping rate. In addition, we observe small-amplitude oscillations coming from the coupling between the low-lying mode and a few high-lying modes through the topology of the lattice. These oscillations are characteristic of each particular arrangement of traps and they are directly related to the Fourier transform of the underlying lattice. Our predictions then can be used to determine experimentally the ordering of traps.
© 1996 The American Physical Society. The authors thank A. Sánchez and V. Malyshev for a critical reading of the manuscript. This work was supported by CICYT (Spain) through Project No. MAT95-0325.
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