Los yacimientos de baritina de Bou Ouzzal (Macizo Central Hercínico, Marruecos)

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The deposit of Bou Ouzzal’s barite is located in the eastern extreme of the Moroccan Hercynian Massif- Central, to approximately 7 km to the south of Khénifra. The mineralization occurs in the paleozoic schists and late Visean limestones. The barite appears in the shape of veins and karst associated with oxides and iron hydroxides. This deposit is distinguished by his great heterogeneity and the variability of his composition. In spite of the fact that the region has been an object of numbers mining works from 1922, date in which the deposit was discovered, the analytical studies are scarce and half-close to the mineralization. The aim of the present note is concentrated on the detailed description of the different generations of barite, his distribution and relation with the iron’s minerals. The samples have been studied by polarizing microscopy, SEM, XRD, XRF and EPMA. This work is the preliminary result of the collaboration established between the University Mohammed VAgdal and the University Complutense of Madrid within the framework of the Spanish-Moroccan Intervarsity Cooperation’s program of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation «AECI».
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