Shear and bulk viscosities of a photon gas at low temperature

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We explore the viscosities of a photon gas by means of the Euler-Heisenberg effective theory and quantum electrodynamics at zero electron chemical potential. We find parametric estimates that show a very large shear viscosity and an extremely small bulk viscosity (reflecting the very weak coupling simultaneously with a very approximate dilatation invariance). The system is of some interest because it exemplifies very neatly the influence of the breaking of scale invariance on the bulk viscosity.
© 2013 American Physical Society. We thank useful conversations with T. Schaefer. This work was supported by Spanish Grants No. FPA2010-16963 and No. FPA2011-27853-C02-01. J.M.T.-R. is funded by Grant No. FP7 PEOPLE-2011-CIG under Contract No. PCIG09-GA-2011-291679.
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