Differential form approach for stationary axisymmetrical Maxwell fields in general-relativity

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Fenández Jambrina, L.
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A formulation for stationary axisymmetric electromagnetic fields in general relativity is derived by casting them into the form of an anisotropic fluid. Several simplifications of the formalism are carried out in order to analyse different features of the fields, such as the derivation of electromagnetic sources for the Maxwell field in the form of thin layers, construction of new solutions, and generation techniques.
© 1994 IOP Publishing Ltd. The present work has been supported in part by DGICYT Project PB89-0142; LFJ is supported by a FPI Predoctoral Scholarship from Ministerio de Fducación y Ciencia (Spain). The authors wish to thank L M González-Romero and J A Ruiz-Martln for valuable discussions.
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