Technical developments and principal results of vertical feeding method for GaSb and GaInSb alloys

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Vincent López, José Luis
Piqueras de Noriega, Javier
Dieguez, E.
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Amer Inst Physics
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In this work, the experimental set-up of the Vertical Feeding Method (VFM) which has been used for the preparation of GaSb and GaInSb materials is presented. The different elements of the set-up are detailed as well as the preparation process. The different configurations that have been used for material production are briefly described and the principal results are summarized. In the case of Te-doped GaSb materials, the study, focused on the grain size and structure of the as-grown materials, showed that single crystals can be obtained with the VFM. In the case of GaInSb materials, the study, focused on the spatial indium distribution in the solid phase prepared with the different VFM configurations, showed that an effective band edge reduction can be achieved.
© American Institute of Physics. World Conference on Thermophotovoltaic Generation of Electricity (7. 2006. Madrid, España). This work has been carried out in the frame of the Fifth Framework European Programme for research, HPRNCT 2001-00199 project. Support from MCYT through 97projects, MAT 2003-09873, ESP 2004-0041-E and MAT2003-00455 is also acknowledged.
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