Empirical calibration of the near-infrared CaII triplet - II. The stellar atmospheric parameters

dc.contributor.authorCenarro, A. J.
dc.contributor.authorGorgas García, Francisco Javier
dc.contributor.authorCardiel López, Nicolás
dc.contributor.authorPedraz, S.
dc.contributor.authorPeletier, R. F.
dc.contributor.authorVazdekis, A.
dc.descriptionThis article has been accepted for publication in Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society © 2001 RAS. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Royal Astronomical Society. All rights reserved. We are indebted to the anonymous referee for very useful suggestions. Work on writing this paper was partially developed while AJC was a visitor at the Department of Physics (University of Durham) and at the School of Physics and Astronomy (University of Nottingham), whose hospitality is acknowledged gratefully. This research has made use of the Simbad data base (operated at CDS, Strasbourg, France), the NASAs Astrophysics Data System Article Service, and the Hipparcos Input Catalog. AV acknowledges the support of the PPARC rolling grant ‘Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology in Durham 1998–2002’. This work was supported in part by a British Council grant within the British/Spanish Joint Research Programme (Acciones Integradas). AJC acknowledges the Comunidad de Madrid for a Formación de Personal Investigador fellowship. This work was supported by the Spanish Programa Sectorial de Promoción del Conocimiento under grants No. PB96-610 and AYA2000-977
dc.description.abstractWe present a homogeneous set of stellar atmospheric parameters (T-eff, log g, [Fe/H]) for a sample of about 700 field and cluster stars which constitute a new stellar library in the near-IR developed for stellar population synthesis in this spectral region (lambda 8350-9020). Having compiled the available atmospheric data in the literature for field stars, we have found systematic deviations between the atmospheric parameters from different bibliographic references. The Soubiran, Katz & Cayrel sample of stars with very well determined fundamental parameters has been taken as our standard reference system, and other papers have been calibrated and bootstrapped against it. The obtained transformations are provided in this paper. Once most of the data sets were on the same system, final parameters were derived by performing error weighted means. Atmospheric parameters for cluster stars have also been revised and updated according to recent metallicity scales and colour-temperature relations.
dc.description.departmentDepto. de Física de la Tierra y Astrofísica
dc.description.facultyFac. de Ciencias Físicas
dc.description.sponsorshipPPARC rolling grant Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology
dc.description.sponsorshipBritish Council
dc.description.sponsorshipBritish/Spanish Joint Research Programme (Acciones Integradas)
dc.description.sponsorshipSpanish Programa Sectorial de Promoción del Conocimiento
dc.identifier.citationAlonso A., Arribas S., Martínez Roger C., 1996a, A&AS, 117, 227 Alonso A., Arribas S., Martínez Roger C., 1996b, A&A, 313, 873 Alonso A., Arribas S., Martínez Roger C., 1999, A&AS, 140, 261 Andrillat Y., Jaschek C., Jaschek M., 1995, A&AS, 112, 475 Axer M., Fuhrmann K., Geheren T., 1994, A&A, 291, 895 Balachandran S., 1990, ApJ, 354, 310 Beers T. C., Kage J. A., Preston G. W., Shectman S. A., 1990, AJ, 100, 849 Blackwell D. E., Lynas-Gray A. E., 1994, A&A, 282, 899 Boesgaard A. M., Friel E. D., 1990, ApJ, 351, 467 Brown A. J., Sneden C., Lambert D. L., Dutchover E., 1989, ApJS, 71, 293 Carney B. V., 1983, AJ, 88, 623 Carney B. W., Latham D. W., Laird J. B., Aguilar L. A., 1994, AJ, 107, 2240 Carretta E., Gratton R. G., 1997, A&AS, 121, 95, (CG97) Carretta E., Gratton R. G., Clementini G., Fusi Pecci F., 2000, ApJ, 533, 215 Cayrel de Strobel G., Soubiran C., Friel E. D., Ralite N., François P., 1997, A&AS, 124, 299 Cenarro A. J., Cardiel N., Gorgas J., Peletier R. F., Vazdekis A., Prada F., 2001a, MNRAS, in press, (Paper I) Díaz A. I., Terlevich E., Terlevich R., 1989, MNRAS, 239, 325 Edvardsson B., Andersen J., Gustafsson B., Lambert D. L., Nissen P. E., Tomkin J., 1993, A&A, 275, 101 Friel E. D., 1995, ARA&A, 33, 381 Friel E. D., Boesgaard A. M., 1992, ApJ, 387, 170 Friel E. D., Janes K. A., 1993, A&A, 267, 75 Geffert M., Maintz G., 2000, A&AS, 144, 227 Gorgas J., Faber S. M., Burstein D., González J. J., Courteau S., Prosser C., 1993, ApJS, 86, 153, (G93) Gorgas J., Cardiel N., Pedraz S., González J. J., 1999, A&AS, 139, 29 Gratton R. G., Sneden C., 1987, A&A, 178, 179 Gratton R. G., Carretta E., Castelli F., 1996, A&A, 314, 191 Gray D. F., Johanson H. L., 1991, PASP, 103, 439 Hearnshaw J. B., 1974, A&A, 34, 263 Hodder P. J. C., Nemec J. M., Richer H. B., Fahlman G. G., 1992, AJ, 103, 460 Hoffleit D., Jashek C., 1982, The Bright Star Catalog, 4th Rev. Edn. Yale Univ. Observatory, New Haven, CT Houdashelt M. L., Bell R. A., Sweigart A. V., 2000, AJ, 119, 1448, (HBS) Hurley J. R., Pols O. R., Tout C. A., 2000, MNRAS, 315, 543 Johnson H. L., Iriarte B., Mitchell R. I., Wisniewskj W. Z., 1966, Comm. Lunar Plan. Lab, 4, 99 Johnson H. L., MacArthur J. W., Mitchell R. I., 1968, ApJ, 152, 465 Jones L. A., 1997, PhD thesis, Univ. North Carolina Katz D., Soubiran C., Cayrel R., Adda M., Cautin R., 1998, A&A, 338, 151 Kunzli M., North P., Kurucz R. L., Nicolet B., 1997, A&AS, 122, 51 Laird J. B., 1985, ApJS, 57, 389 Lang K. R., 1991, Astrophysical Data: Planets and Stars. Springer-Verlag, New York Luck R. E., Bond H. E., 1983, ApJ, 271, L75 Luck R. E., Bond H. E., 1985, ApJ, 292, 559 Luck R. E., Challener S. L., 1995, AJ, 110, 2968 Marsakov V. A., Shevelev Yu. G., 1995, Bull. Inf. Cent. Données Stellaires, 47, 13 McWilliam A., 1990, ApJS, 74, 1075 Mermilliod J. C., Mermilliod M., Hauck B., 1997, A&AS, 124, 349 Nissen P. E., Hoeg E., Schuster W. J., 1997, in Perryman M. A. C., Bernacca P. L., eds, Proc. ESA Symp. Hipparcos – Venice ’97, ESA SP-402. ESA Publications, Noordwijk, p. 225 Peterson R. C., 1981, ApJ, 244, 989 Pilachowski C. A., Sneden C., Booth J., 1993, ApJ, 407, 699 Pilachowski C. A., Sneden C., Kraft R. P., 1996, AJ, 111, 1689 Rebolo R., Molaro P., Beckman J. E., 1988, A&A, 192, 192 Reid I. N., 1998, AJ, 115, 204 Rosenberg A., Aparicio A., Saviane I., Piotto G., 2000, A&AS, 145, 451 Rutledge G. A., Hesser J. E., Stetson P. B., 1997, PASP, 109, 907 Salaris M., Weiss A., 1998, A&A, 335, 943 Silva D. R., Cornell M. E., 1992, ApJS, 81, 865 Soubiran C., Katz D., Cayrel R., 1998, A&AS, 133, 221, (SKC) Taylor B. J., 1994, PASP, 106, 452 Thévenin F., 1998, Bull. Inf. Cent. Données Stellaires, 49, 193 Tomkin J., Lemke M., Lambert D. L., Sneden C., 1992, AJ, 104, 1568 Twarog B. A., Tyson N., 1985, AJ, 990, 1247 Vallenari A., Carraro G., Richichi A., 2000, A&A, 353, 147 Vazdekis A., 1999, ApJ, 513, 224 Wallerstein G., 1962, ApJS, 6, 407 Worthey G., Faber S. M., González J. J., Burstein D., 1994, ApJS, 94, 687, (W94) Zakhozhaj V. A., Shaparenko E. F., 1996, Kunematika Fiz. Nebesn. Tel. 12 Part n2, 20 Zinn R., West M. J., 1984, ApJS, 55, 45, (ZW84)
dc.journal.titleMonthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
dc.rights.accessRightsopen access
dc.subject.keywordMetal-poor stars
dc.subject.keywordElodie echelle spectra
dc.subject.keywordDeficient red giants
dc.subject.keywordOld open clusters
dc.subject.keywordEffective temperatures
dc.subject.keywordOnline determination
dc.subject.ucmAstronomía (Física)
dc.titleEmpirical calibration of the near-infrared CaII triplet - II. The stellar atmospheric parameters
dc.typejournal article
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