Post-global and Post-digital Children’s Literature: Some Users’ Legitimation Strategies on the Net

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Our starting point is the hypothesis that we live in a post-digital and post-global era, even a post-data one. In this current time, our objects of study have become transmedial and the different media versions of a product cannot be separated one from the other, but rather should be taken as one single object. These transmedial cultural objects are subject to readings, discussions, and appropriation in social networks, which exist in a “permanent now”, ephemeral by its very nature. In this context, we ask ourselves what the role and the function of the literary is. In a moment when online users claim ownership of the product, what value and position do they give to the literary? We intend to search for testimonies in social networks for three products of children’s literature: "My Little Pony", "Caillou" and "Manolito Gafotas", in order to observe what is being said in social networks about them. Working with "Goodreads", "Babelio", "Reddit" and "Tumblr" that function as platforms for reviews and fan expression, we will carry out an analysis of our corpus by means of some digital tools. Our goal is to show how literature still acts as a legitimizing instance and how networks function as a vector for globalization/localisation in the current post-digital, post-global and transmedial context.
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