Elastic magnetic electron scattering from deformed nuclei

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Magnetic form factors corresponding to elastic electron scattering from odd-A nuclei are presented. The calculations are carried out in plane-wave Born approximation. The one-body properties are obtained in a deformed self-consistent mean-field calculation based on a Skyrme HF+BCS method. Collective effects are also included in the cranking approximation. Results on several stable nuclei are compared with the available experimental information. It is shown that a deformed formalism improves the agreement with experiment in deformed nuclei, while reproducing equally well spherical nuclei by taking properly the spherical limit of the deformed model and the effect of nucleon-nucleon correlations. Thus, the capability of the model to describe magnetic form factors is demonstrated. This opens the door to explore also unstable nuclei of particular interest that could be measured in future experiments on electron-radioactive beam colliders.
©2019 American Physical Society. This work was supported by Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades (Spain) under Contracts No. FIS2014-51971-P and No. PGC2018-093636-B-I00. Three of the authors (M.K.G., A.N.A., and D.N.K.) are grateful for support of the Bulgarian Science Fund under Contract No. DFNI-T02/19.
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