Participation of Muslim minorities in the Spanish mainstream society

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This edited volume sets out to unravel various dimensions of a particular topical question pertaining to minorities and minority protection, which has not been explored yet, more particularly the socio-economic participation of minorities in relation to their right to (respect for) identity. This interrelation and interaction is studied from a multi-disciplinary perspective, spanning a broad range of disciplines, while drawing on a rich variety of case studies covering various corners of the world. This interrelation manifests itself in distinctive ways for religious minorities, ethnic minorities, and indigenous peoples. As it is impossible to provide a comprehensive coverage, this volume aims to offer a range of articles that reveal the breadth of the theme under review, while combining theoretical analysis with fascinating case studies.
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Relaño Pastor, Eugenia, "Participation of Muslim minorities in the Spanish mainstream society", K. Henrad (ed.) The Interrelation between the Right to Identity of Minorities and Their socio-economic participation, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, London, 2013: 261-285.