Poisson–Poincaré reduction for Field Theories

dc.contributor.authorBerbel, M. A.
dc.contributor.authorCastrillón López, Marco
dc.description.abstractGiven a Hamiltonian system on a fiber bundle, there is a Poisson covariant formulation of the Hamilton equations. When a Lie group G acts freely, properly, preserving the fibers of the bundle and the Hamiltonian density is G-invariant, we study the reduction of this formulation to obtain an analogue of Poisson–Poincaré reduction for field theories. This procedure is related to the Lagrange–Poincaré reduction for field theories via a Legendre transformation. Finally, an application to a model of a charged strand evolving in an electric field is given.
dc.description.departmentDepto. de Álgebra, Geometría y Topología
dc.description.facultyFac. de Ciencias Matemáticas
dc.description.sponsorshipMinisterio de Ciencia e Innovación (MICINN)
dc.description.sponsorshipMinisterio de Universidades
dc.identifier.citation[1] M. A. Berbel and M. Castrillón López. Reduction (by stages) in the whole Lagrange–Poincaré category. arXiv:1912.10763, 2019. [2] M. A. Berbel and M. Castrillón López. Lagrangian reduction by stages in field theory. arXiv: 2007.14854, 2020. [3] C. Blacker. Reduction of multisymplectic manifolds. Lett. Math. Phys., 111(3):Paper No. 64, 30, 2021. [4] H. Bursztyn, A. Cabrera, and D. Iglesias. Multisymplectic geometry and Lie groupoids. In Geometry, mechanics, and dynamics, volume 73 of Fields Inst. Commun., pages 57–73. Springer, New York, 2015. [5] S. Capriotti, V. A. Daz, E. G.-T. Andrs, and T. Mestdag. Cotangent bundle reduction and routh reduction for polysymplectic manifolds, 2022. [6] J. F. Cariñena, M. Crampin, and L. A. Ibort. On the multisymplectic formalism for first order field theories. Differential Geom. Appl., 1(4):345–374, 1991. [7] M. Castrillón López, P. L. García, and C. Rodrigo. 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dc.relation.projectIDPGC2018-098321-B-I00; PID2021-126124NBI00
dc.rights.accessRightsopen access
dc.subject.keywordField theory
dc.subject.keywordCovariant reduction
dc.subject.keywordPoisson bracket
dc.subject.ucmFísica matemática
dc.titlePoisson–Poincaré reduction for Field Theories
dc.typejournal article
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