D-branes with Lorentzian signature in the Nappi-Witten model

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Lorentzian signature D-branes of all dimensions for the Nappi-Witten string are constructed. This is done by rewriting the gluing condition J(+) = FJ(-) for the model chiral currents on the brane as a well posed first order differential problem and by solving it for Lie algebra isometries F other than Lie algebra automorphisms. By construction, these D-branes are not twined conjugacy classes. Metrically degenerate D-branes are also obtained.
© SISSA 2011. The authors are grateful to MEC and UCM-BSCH, Spain for partial support through grants FPA2008-04906 and 91077 (GR58/08). RHR acknowledges the Ramón y Cajal Program, Spain for support.
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