Vortex liquid entanglement in irradiated YBa_(2)Cu_(3)O_(7) thin films

dc.contributor.authorSefrioui, Zouhair
dc.contributor.authorArias Serna, Diego
dc.contributor.authorGonzález Herrera, Elvira María
dc.contributor.authorLeón Yebra, Carlos
dc.contributor.authorSantamaría Sánchez-Barriga, Jacobo
dc.contributor.authorVicent López, José Luis
dc.description© 2001 The American Physical Society. Financial support from CICYT Grant Nos. MAT94-0604, MAT97-0675, and MAT99-1706E is acknowledged. Z.S. thanks AECI for financial support.
dc.description.abstractEpitaxial YBa_(2)Cu_(3)O_(7) thin films, grown by high-pressure dc sputtering, are irradiated with He^(+) ions at 80 keV with doses between 10^(14) and 10^(15) cm^(-2). Irradiation reduces the critical temperature but it does not modify the carrier concentration. Angle-dependent resistivity is used to show that the mass anisotropy does not change upon irradiation. The melting transition in magnetic fields applied parallel to the c axis is analyzed by I-V critical scaling, and all irradiated and nonirradiated samples show a three-dimensional vortex glass transition with the same critical exponents. The dissipation in the liquid state is analyzed in terms of the activation energy of the magnetoresistance in a perpendicular magnetic field. While as-grown samples show an activation energy depending as 1/H on the applied magnetic field, irradiated samples show a dependence as 1/H^(0.5), characteristic of plastic deformation of vortices. This is discussed in terms of the point disorder introduced by ion irradiation.
dc.description.departmentDepto. de Estructura de la Materia, Física Térmica y Electrónica
dc.description.departmentDepto. de Física de Materiales
dc.description.facultyFac. de Ciencias Físicas
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dc.journal.titlePhysical review B
dc.publisherAmerican Physical Society
dc.rights.accessRightsopen access
dc.subject.keywordHigh-temperatures superconductors
dc.subject.keywordHigh-tc superconductors
dc.subject.keywordLattice-melting transition
dc.subject.keywordII superconductors
dc.subject.keywordQuenched disorder
dc.subject.keywordElastic theory.
dc.subject.ucmElectrónica (Física)
dc.subject.ucmFísica de materiales
dc.subject.ucmFísica del estado sólido
dc.subject.unesco2202.03 Electricidad
dc.subject.unesco2211 Física del Estado Sólido
dc.titleVortex liquid entanglement in irradiated YBa_(2)Cu_(3)O_(7) thin films
dc.typejournal article
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