Lente:Looking for Equal or Near Text Efficiently

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Lente is a software capable of searching and detecting (by using the Internet) possible document plagiarisms. This program is able to analyze multiple types of plain text or PDF documents. It searches through the Internet, using a concurrent approach, for sentences and similar content to that of the document and allows the user to consult the results in realtime, before finishing. The results are web pages that can be opened from the very program, giving information about the exact content that is suspected of copy. It is also able to work with multiple documents at the same time and show the individual progress of each one. There are different configurable search profiles, in order to optimize the time and resources used, based on simple parameters. This software manages a maximum number of simultaneous connections, and automatizes the use of proxies to boost the searching and avoid the limitations of use of the search engines used: Google and Yahoo.
Trabajo de Fin de Grado en Ingeniería Informática (Universidad Complutense, Facultad de Informática, curso 2013/2014)