Detection and measurement of waviness on thin metallic wires

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We propose a model for determining the far-field diffraction pattern of wires with waviness. Analytical solutions are obtained by means of the stationary phase method, which allows us to determine dimensional parameters such as wire diameter and waviness factor. Experimental results are presented, which are in accordance with our theoretical description.
© 2004 Optical Society of America. We thank Jose Alonso-Fernández and Klaus Jakobs for their valuable suggestions and interest in this study. This project was partially supported by the European Commission project SMT4-CT97-2184 Detection of Defects on Cylindrical Surfaces and by the Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología of Spain (contract DPI2001-1238). C. Tejeda was supported by a Marie Curie Research Training Grant (contract SMT4-CT98-9028). Part of this research was carried out at KJM Gesellschaft fü r Optoelektronische Messtechnik mbH (Germany).
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