The Global movement's strategies. New forms of collective action in the control of urban space in protest against international organizations. The anti-summit model.

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This paper is about the new social movements against the Globalisation. In particular, I will speak about the period between the demonstrations of Seattle (November/December 99) and the demonstrations of Genoa (June 2001) and the sector of movement that have practiced strategies of civil disobedience and conflict with the police forces. In this period, it has been developed a particular new form of collective action that I've called model anti-summit. The relationship with mass media and the new TIC (Technologies of Information and Communication) and the spatial building of conflict are the most important features in this model of collective action. The anti summit model of collective action, as a challenger in urban space control when the international organizations had meetings was hegemonic until the Governments used a "geographies of terror" strategy in the cities where the international organizations should met. The military control and exceptional legality in Genoa, where the police killed the young demonstrator Carlo Giuliani, is the best example of this strategy against the Global movements and their strategies to dispute the urban space's control.