Chebyshev collocation method and multidomain decomposition for the incompressible Navier‐Stokes equations

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The two-dimensional incompressible Navier-Stokes equations in primitive variables have been solved by a pseudospectral Chebyshev method using a semi-implicit fractional step scheme. The latter has been adapted to the particular features of spectral collocation methods to develop the monodomain algorithm. In particular, pressure and velocity collocated on the same nodes are sought in a polynomial space of the same order; the cascade of scalar elliptic problems arising after the spatial collocation is solved using finite difference preconditioning. With the present procedure spurious pressure modes do not pollute the pressure field. As a natural development of the present work a multidomain extent was devised and tested. The original domain is divided into a union of patching sub-rectangles. Each scalar problem obtained after spatial collocation is solved by iterating by subdomains. For steady problems a C1 solution is recovered at the interfaces upon convergence, ensuring a spectrally accurate solution. A number of test cases have been solved to validate the algorithm in both its single-block and multidomain configurations. The preliminary results achieved indicate that collocation methods in multidomain configurations might become a viable alternative to the spectral element technique for accurate flow prediction.
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