The Fisher gAlaxy suRvey cOde (FARO)

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The Fisher gAlaxy suRvey cOde (FARO) is a new public Python code that computes the Fisher matrix for galaxy surveys observables. The observables considered are the linear multitracer 3D galaxy power spectrum, the linear convergence power spectrum for weak lensing, and the linear multitracer power spectrum for the correlation between galaxy distribution and convergence. The code allows for tomographic and model-independent anal- ysis in which, for scale-independent growth, the functions of redshift A(a)(z) sigma(8) (z) b(a)(z), R(z) sigma(8)(z) f(z), L(z) Omega(m) sigma(8)(z) Sigma(z), and E(z) H(z)/H-0, together with the function of scale (P) over cap (k), are taken as free parameters in each redshift and scale bins respectively. In addition, a module for change of variables is provided to project the Fisher matrix on any particular set of cosmological parameters required. The code is built to be fast to compute and user-friendly. As an application example, we forecast the sensitivity of future galaxy surveys like DESI, Euclid, J-PAS and LSST and compare their performance on different redshift and scale ranges.
© 2021 IOP Publishing Ltd We thank the J-PAS Theoretical Cosmology and Fundamental Physics working group for useful comments and discussions. M.A.R acknowledges support from UCM predoctoral grant. This work has been supported by the MINECO (Spain) project FIS2016-78859-P(AEI/FEDER, UE).
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