Transport coefficients of a massive pion gas

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Fernández Fraile, Daniel
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Chinese Physical Soc
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We review our main results concerning the transport coefficients of a light meson gas, in particular we focus on the case of a massive pion gas Leading order results according to the chiral power-counting are presented for the DC electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, shear viscosity, and bulk viscosity We also comment on the possible correlation between the bulk viscosity and the trace anomaly in QCD, as well as the relation between unitarity and a minimum of the quotient eta/s near the phase transition
© Chinese Physical Soc. International Conference on Quarks and Nuclear Physics (QNP09). (5. 2009. Beijing, Peoples R China). The work of D.F.F. is sponsored by the Helmholtz International Center for FAIR. We both acknowledge financial support from the Spanish research Projects No. FPA2007-29115-E, No. PR34-1856-BSCH, No. UCM-BSCH GR58/08 910309, No. FPA2008-00592, No. FIS2008-01323.
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