Decision Sciences, Economics, Finance, Business, Computing, and Big Data: Connections

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This paper provides a review of some connecting literature in Decision Sciences, Economics, Finance, Business, Computing, and Big Data. We then discuss some research that is related to the six cognate disciplines. Academics could develop theoretical models and subsequent econometric and statistical models to estimate the parameters in the associated models. Moreover, they could then conduct simulations to examine whether the estimators or statistics in the new theories on estimation and hypothesis have small size and high power. Thereafter, academics and practitioners could then apply their theories to analyze interesting problems and issues in the six disciplines and other cognate areas.
For financial and research support, the first author is grateful to the National Science Council, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Taiwan, the second author wishes to thank the Australian Research Council and National Science Council, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Taiwan, and the third author acknowledges the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, Asia University, China Medical University Hospital, Hang Seng Management College, Lingnan University, and National Science Council, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Taiwan The third author would also like to thank Robert B. Miller and Howard E. Thompson for their continuous guidance and encouragement.
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