Stripe domains in electrodeposited Ni90Fe10 thin films

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Here we have investigated the formation of stripe domains in electrodeposited Ni90Fe10 films, a metallic alloy with relevant magnetoelastic properties. The X-ray diffractometry patterns confirm the deposition of NiFe with an experimental lattice parameter close to the theoretical value. We have analyzed the influence of both magnetic stirring and an applied magnetic field perpendicular to the sample plane on the formation of stripe domains in Ni90Fe10 films. It is observed the characteristic fingerprint of stripe domains, i.e. the transcritical shape in the in-plane hysteresis loops when the electrolyte is not magnetically stirred during electrodeposition. The quality factor reveals a moderate perpendicular magnetic anisotropy which is confirmed by the stripe periodicity inferred by Magnetic Force Microscopy. In particular, stripe domains are only visible by this technique when the sample thickness is well above the theoretical critical thickness for the stripe domains to be formed. Finally, in samples released after being grown in outward bent flexible substrates it has been promoted an induced in-plane magnetoelastic magnetic anisotropy that reduces the perpendicular magnetic anisotropy. The high quality of the samples studied in this work from the magnetoelastic point of view is reflected by the magnetostriction constant of-22 ppm that it has been experimentally inferred.
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