Optical antennas for nano-photonic applications

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Antenna-coupled optical detectors, also named optical antennas, are being developed and proposed as alternative detection devices for the millimetre, infrared, and visible spectra. Optical and infrared antennas represent a class of optical components that couple electromagnetic radiation in the visible and infrared wavelengths in the same way as radioelectric antennas do at the corresponding wavelengths. The size of optical antennas is in the range of the detected wavelength and they involve fabrication techniques with nanoscale spatial resolution. Optical antennas have already proved and potential advantages in the detection of light showing polarization dependence, tuneability, and rapid time response. They also can be considered as point detectors and directionally sensitive elements. So far, these detectors have been thoroughly tested in the mid-infrared with some positive results in the visible. The measurement and characterization of optical antennas requires the use of an experimental set-up with nanometric resolution. On the other hand, a computation simulation of the interaction between the material structures and the incoming electromagnetic radiation is needed to explore alternative designs of practical devices.
Conferencia: International Conference on Trends in Nanotechnology, Segovia, España, del 13 al 17 de septiembre de 2004
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