Efecto de árboles exóticos de un bosque de ribera en el crecimiento y competencia de especies del sotobosque herbáceo

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The aim of this study was to determine how leaf litter of three invasive tree species affects growth and intrasespecífic competitive ability of two common species in the herbaceous understory of a riverine forest located at Henares river (Madrid): Trifolium repens and Dactylis glomerata. We performed a greenhouse experiment with the two species growing with leaf litter of invasive and native tree species, at three levels of competition. For both species, the germination rate depends on the type of leaf litter, but plant competition is the determining factor in the further successful development of individuals. Dactylis glomerata showed lower growth as competition increases, while T. repens growth differs at the different levels of competition depending on the type of leaf litter. The results show a reduction in the plant growth between some leaf litter treatments only at the lowest levels of competition, but at high densities there is no evidence of a specific effect of the exotic leaf litter different from the native one.