CMB tensor anisotropies in metric f(R) gravity

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We present a description of CMB anisotropies generated by tensor perturbations in f(R) theories of gravity. The temperature power spectrum in the special case of f(R) = Rn is computed using a modified version of CAMB package.
© 2012 American Institute of Physics. Spanish Relativity Meeting on Towards New Paradigms (ERE) (2011. Madrid, Spain). HB would like to thank Dr. Garry Angus for useful discussions, the NRF/NASSP for financial support during his studies and the organisers of the Spanish Relativity Meeting (ERE2011) for a conference grant. AdlCD acknowledges support from MICINN (Spain) project numbers FIS 2008-01323, FIS2011 23000, FPA 2008-00592, FPA2011-27853-01, Consolider-Ingenio MULTIDARK CSD2009-00064 (Spain) and URC (South Africa).
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