A Unified Framework for Neuroscience Morphological Data Visualization

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The complexity of the human brain makes its understanding one of the biggest challenges that science is currently confronting. Due to its complexity, the brain has been studied at many different levels and from many disciplines and points of view, using a diversity of techniques for getting meaningful data at each specific level and perspective, producing sometimes data that are difficult to integrate. In order to advance understanding of the brain, scientists need new tools that can speed up this analysis process and that can facilitate integrating research results from different disciplines and techniques. Visualization has proved to be useful in the analysis of complex data, and this paper focuses on the design of visualization solutions adapted to the specific problems posed by brain research. In this paper, we propose a unified framework that allows the integration of specific tools to work together in a coordinated manner in a multiview environment, displaying information at different levels of abstraction and combining schematic and realistic representations. The two use cases presented here illustrate the capability of this approach for providing a visual environment that supports the exploration of the brain at all its organizational levels.