Analysing the Gender Dimensions of Tourism as a Development Strategy

dc.contributor.authorFerguson, Lucy
dc.description.abstractFor several decades, the relationship between tourism and development has been explored in the discipline of tourism studies and in policy-making circles. However, very little research has been carried out into the gender dimensions of this relationship. This paper is a first attempt to unpack some of the issues involved in such an undertaking, and to provide an overview of some of the key empirical areas that need to be taken into account for further research. Using the third Millennium Development Goal – gender equality and women’s empowerment – as its focus, this paper explores this theme from a critical perspective informed by feminist approaches to development. Combining literature reviews, analysis of policy documents and primary research this paper aims to provide an overview of the potential of tourism to contribute to the gender equality and women’s empowerment, and the tensions and complexities that this presents. It concludes by offering some tentative policy recommendations and an agenda for future research.
dc.description.abstractLos vínculos entre turismo y desarrollo están ampliamente documentados en la literatura científica sobre turismo y la política. Sin embargo, no hay muchas investigaciones que traten de la relación entre turismo, género, y desarrollo. Este trabajo pretende ofrecer una descripción de la dinámica de género dentro de la política del turismo como estrategia de desarrollo. Tomando como foco conceptual el tercer Objetivo de Desarrollo del Milenio (ODM 3) – promover la igualdad entro los sexos y el empoderamiento de la mujer – este documento explora el tema desde una perspectiva crítica informada desde las teorías feministas de desarrollo. A través de la revisión de la literatura existente, el análisis de los documentos de política y la investigación primaria, este trabajo explora el potencial del turismo para contribuir al ODM 3, y las tensiones y contradicciones que implica. Como conclusiones, ofrece unas recomendaciones de política provisionales y sugerencias para investigaciones futuras.
dc.description.facultyInstituto Complutense de Estudios Internacionales
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dc.titleAnalysing the Gender Dimensions of Tourism as a Development Strategy
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