Internationalization of technical change and the intermadiate countries : a preliminary approach from the experience of South European economics

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Instituto de Análisis Industrial y Financiero, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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El presente trabajo analiza la situación de los países intermedios - y particularmente España - en el actual proceso de internacionalización de la tecnología y de la innovación tecnológica. Para ello, se combinan tres procedimientos. Primero, se efectua un estudio tipológico de experiencias europeas que confiere especial significado al concepto de "Países intermedios". Segundo, se estudia el papel de las empresas Multinacionales en la creación de tecnología de estos países. Finalmente, se analiza el proceso de salida al exterior de empresas innovadoras de aquellos. En las conclusiones se hace un sucinto debate sobre la Política Tecnológica. ABSTRACT: The aim of this paper is to contribute to a better understanding of those cases from a twofold perspective: first, the consequences of the new international technological activity of MNCS for their respective economies, and especially their systems of innovation. Second, the particular circumstances determining the recent and very rapid process of international commitment of firms originating from those nations which follow different trajectories to those of large and "traditional" MNCS. Apart from the academic interest of this matter, it also has a political importance because some of the most clear "intermediate countries" (ICS) are in Europe: furthermore, part of the uneven situation of the process of European unification has to do with the asymmetric ways in which different actors participate in the new international scenario.
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