Determination of the Collins-Soper kernel from cross-sections ratios

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Amer Physical Soc
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The Collins-Soper kernel is a powerful tool for studying the properties of the QCD vacuum and an essential component of the transverse momentum dependent (TMD) factorization theorem. In this paper, we present a novel method for determining the Collins-Soper kernel directly from the comparison of differential cross sections measured at different energies. The method relies solely on the structure of the TMD factorization theorem and thus also provides a direct test of the theorem validity. With minor modifications, the procedure can be applied to the real measured data for Drell-Yan and SIDIS processes. As a demonstration, we analyze the pseudodata generated by the CASCADE event generator and determine the Collins-Soper kernel suggested by the parton branching model.
© 2002 Amer Physical Soc We thank Hannes Jung and Francesco Hautmann for discussions, and also Qi-An Zhang and Alessandro Bacchetta for providing us with their extractions. A. V. is funded by the Atraccion de Talento Investigador program of the Comunidad de Madrid (Spain) No. 2020-T1/TIC -20204. This work was partially supported by DFG FOR 2926 Next Generation pQCD for Hadron Structure: Preparing for the EIC , Project No. 430824754
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